Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide high-quality, multi-disciplinary "all hazard" security consulting services. We do this by leveraging a cadre of subject matter experts on our team from military; law enforcement; fire & emergency medical services; maritime; intelligence; public health; cyber security; corporate security; strategic planning & training; school & campus safety; and other disciplines.

Our Services

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Campus Safety Consulting and Training

Complete analysis and review of campus safety and response procedures; consulting and training in threat assessments and response procedures

Critical Incident Planning, Training and Response

Comprehensive reviews, consulting and training services to ensure all critical incident and response procedures and capabilities are engrained into the organizational structure

Fraud Prevention, Detection and Investigative Consulting

Analysis of procedures, controls and systems relating to the prevention, detection and investigation of fraud threat and vulnerability (both internal and external); training on best practices

Internal and External Security Consulting

Internal and external security consulting; personnel matters; insider threat, access controls assessments and consulting reviews; misconduct / malfeasance reviews

Risk Management / Threat and Vulnerability Risk Assessments

360 degree multi-hazard threat and vulnerability reviews; critical infrastructure and key resource (CIKR) security analysis and testing; resiliency analysis testing

Law Enforcement Consulting

Review of police agency procedures and training relating to the use of force, pursuits, internal investigations and other issues; consulting and training to assist police agencies in changes in philosophy, and procedures related to these issues

Our Experience

Former senior corporate security leader who oversaw security and fraud prevention/detection & investigations at a national bank tied to a Fortune 50 company with extensive experience as a senior law enforcement executive, FBI special agent and state prosecutor. Strong operational background providing strategic direction in security; fraud prevention, detection and investigations; operational risk, intelligence; emergency management; critical infrastructure protection; and critical incident planning & response accustomed to working in a multi-stakeholder, collaborative environment.

Kevin D. Eack, JD, CPP, CAFP

• 28 years in law enforcement
  • Special Agent for the FBI handling international kidnaping, corruption, fraud and other investigations;
  • Illinois prosecutor handling a broad spectrum of cases including violent crime, narcotics, fraud and other crimes;

   • Illinois State Police Commander (Assistant Deputy Director, LTC; Inspector) holding a variety of assignments including internal investigations; public corruption in state government; fraud; and counter terrorism; Served as the Senior Terrorism Advisor to the State Police Director and Deputy Governor for homeland security matters, overseeing a statewide counter terrorism unit and established a 24/7 intelligence (fusion) center considered one of the models in the nation.

   • Detailed to the National Counter Terrorism Center in Washington, D.C. as an FBI Director's Fellow which included President Obama's inauguration security detail;

   • Selected by the US Department of Homeland Security to attend the US Naval Postgraduate School on Homeland Security Studies obtaining a Master's in Security Studies;

   • Served as Illinois' critical infrastructure liaison to the US Department of Homeland Security;

   • Served as the primary law enforcement lead to Illinois' emergency management center in all manners of manmade and natural disasters;

   • Senior bank director for a $15B bank tied to a fortune 50 insurance company overseeing and directing fraud prevention, detection and investigations;

   • Senior campus safety instructor for a federally funded campus safety program;

   • Security consultant for the US Department of Energy at Argonne National Laboratory on nuclear materials security;

   Kevin's broad experiences and network of contacts in the field enables The Brannan Group, LLC to provide strategic and tactical direction in the fields of security; fraud prevention, detection and investigation; internal investigation; operational risk; intelligence; emergency management; critical infrastructure protection; and critical incident planning & response. He and his team are accustomed to working in a multi-stakeholder, collaborative environment.